Adjustable Ankle Support D-Ring Weightlifting Gym Strap

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Want to nail those isolation exercises on the cable machines?

Then you need these adjustable weightlifting straps!

Easy to use, these ankle straps fit easily around your ankle and can hook up to the cable machine easily. You can enjoy a whole host of exercises such as cable kickbacks, leg raises, abductor training and side raises to name but a few. Manufactured from durable neoprene fabric, with solid stitching and a sturdy double D-ring, these fitness ankle cuffs combine comfort, convenience, longevity & versatility making them your ideal workout partner.

For men and women alike, these easily adjustable ankle straps with a loop fastener make it possible to add more dynamic and isolated movements to your exercise regime. The ankle straps aren’t just for use on the ankles, you can also use them for your thigh, hip and leg exercises or even place them on your wrists for some lat raises in your shoulder workout. 

Or, make them part of your rehab schedule and get back your full mobility and flexibility faster!

These ankle attachments for cable machines help you target the calves, lower leg, lower body, and glutes to help tone, strengthen, and tighten muscle groups to create a leaner, stronger body.