Probably one of the most underestimated pieces of fitness equipment about!


Ever wondered why the jump rope is a staple piece of any successful athletes cardio regime?


If so, then it’s time to get educated!


Jump rope training or skipping rope is one of the most effective forms of cardio you can partake in. You can use jump rope as a warm up, as the main component of your HIIT or as part of a circuit. Wheverever you fit it in, you can enjoy the benefits of this hardcore form of exercise.

Generally, there are two categories of ropes:


CrossFit Ropes -  CrossFit ropes are composed of thin cables and frictionless bearings to provide enough speed for the rope to pass under your feet. People generally use speed ropes for double-unders.


Standard ropes - Can be made from rope or plastic with grip handles. Ideal for all athletes and skipping techniques.


This small piece of equipment which can just slot into your gym bag has a whole host of benefits from improved cardiovascular health to better stamina so let’s take a look...


Blasts calories!

Jumping rope can burn some serious calories! Upto 200 300 calories in as little as 15 minutes making it one of the best fat-blasting exercises around. The beauty of jump rope is that you can do it anywhere, anytime so no need for any expensive and space-consuming exercise kit!


Reduces injury risk

What’s even more awesome about jumping rope is that it forces you to coordinate your upper and lower body movements. This makes you more agile and your body awareness can significantly improve. Being more agile can make you less susceptible to injury - don’t underestimate the powers of jump rope!


Improves heart health

Your heart is a muscle don’t forget. Jumping rope gets your heart rate up HIGH making it work harder, therefore jump rope is excellent for your heart as it makes it stronger. It also improves blood circulation and breathing which ultimately enhances your lung capacity.


Strengthens bone density

Jumping rope builds bone density through impact training. Jumping rope can stress the bone more aggressively than many other forms of training. The body then responds to this stress by remodeling the bone to become stronger and more dense.


Increased stamina

The reason why boxers choose skipping is because it’s excellent for building stamina. With more stamina comes more resilience and better performance in sports. Skipping can help you to improve most types of cardiovascular fitness, so if you want to start getting better and smashing those personal bests, it’s time to jump rope!


Sweat it Jump rope workout!


New to jump rope? Want to improve your fitness? Try this 15-minute jump rope workout to get your heart rate up and your muscles burning.


60 feet together jumps

20 feet together side to side jumps

60 normal skip jumps

10 high knee skip jumps

60 feet together jumps

10 feet together high jumps

10 double unders