Probably one of the most underestimated pieces of fitness equipment about!


Ever wondered why the jump rope is a staple piece of any successful athletes cardio regime?


If so, then it’s time to get educated!


Jump rope training or skipping rope is one of the most effective forms of cardio you can partake in. You can use jump rope as a warm up, as the main component of your HIIT or as part of a circuit. Wheverever you fit it in, you can enjoy the benefits of this hardcore form of exercise.

Generally, there are two categories of ropes:


CrossFit Ropes -  CrossFit ropes are composed of thin cables and frictionless bearings to provide enough speed for the rope to pass under your feet. People generally use speed ropes for double-unders.


Standard ropes - Can be made from rope or plastic with grip handles. Ideal for all athletes and s

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