Heavy Duty D-Ring Gym Handles (Pair)

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Heavy Duty D-Ring Gym Handles

 Have you ever tried working out whether at home or at the gym but felt something didn't feel right? Do you often try using Gym handles to work out but feel pains in your palms after every workout? That's because you aren't using the right handles. Our gyms try to provide us with the best tools but sometimes they aren’t up to standard. They are old, weak, and fragile. Worse of all could be very dirty.

After careful research, we've introduced the most powerful HEAVY DUTY D-RING in the market. It was designed for gym lovers who want to stay fit, work out with the best handles out there without breaking the bank. It is made of super strong ABS plastic, silicone grips, welded D-rings, thick woven nylon webbing, and heavy duty stitching. It’s premium silicone soft round grip makes it comfortable in-hand. You will instantly fall in love with these handles. These are a gym-sturdy pair, larger and more robust than the ones found at your gym.

Why Ours ?

Most Gym handles are cheap and made of poor quality materials. Some are tiny and barely allow enough room for your hands to hold unto. Others are dirty and unhygienic to handle. With that in mind, we've come up with an ingenious handle which is not only made with premium material, it is very powerful, long lasting and best of it all is that you will stay fit without hurting your palms. You can throw this into your gym bag and it will accompany you everywhere.