6 Level Resistance Bands Pack


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6 Level Resistance Bands Pack

Discover the pinnacle of resistance band technology with COREZONE Resistance Bands, exclusively designed to elevate your workouts. Crafted from premium natural latex using the latest technology, our bands boast unparalleled durability and odor-free properties. Each band undergoes rigorous laboratory testing to ensure superior quality, providing you with the ultimate strength training experience.

Introducing COREZONE’s Six Stackable Resistance Levels – the ultimate solution for tailored strength training. Each loop band is meticulously designed to provide a specific resistance level, catering to your individual fitness needs and goals:

YELLOW” –  X-LIGHT Loop Band (0.3mm): Ideal for beginners or those looking to add light resistance (10-15 Ibs) to their workouts.

RED” –  LIGHT Loop Band (0.5mm): Step up your game with moderate resistance (15-20 Ibs) to challenge your muscles and enhance your strength.

BLUE” – MEDIUM Loop Band (0.7mm): Perfect for intermediate users seeking a higher level of resistance (20-25 Ibs) to intensify their training sessions.

GREEN” – HEAVY  Loop Band (0.9mm): Amp up your workouts with increased resistance (25-30 Ibs) to target and sculpt specific muscle groups.

BLACK” – X-HEAVY Loop Band (1.2mm): Take your strength training to the next level with heavy resistance (30-35 Ibs) for maximum muscle engagement and growth.

ORANGE” – XX-HEAVY  Loop Band (1.5mm): Designed for advanced users seeking intense resistance (35-40 Ibs) to push their limits and achieve peak performance.

These stackable resistance bands offer versatility and scalability, allowing you to customize your workouts and progress at your own pace. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned athlete, COREZONE’s Six Stackable Resistance Levels provide the perfect combination of challenge and support to help you reach your fitness goals. Elevate your training experience with COREZONE today!

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