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COREZONE AB Wheel & Push Up Bar

(2 reviews)


Why Choose COREZONE AB Wheel & Push Up Bar?

  • SCORE TRAINING – This Abdominal Wheel is an effective tool for your core strength. It will not only help you improve your AB and lower back strength, but also decrease your risk of muscular injury.
  • WELL CONSTRUCTED – Our AB wheel workout roller is made of high-quality Metal and steel for durability, safety, and load capacity. Not like other ab wheel surface was made of plastic, our wheel surface was made of high-density rubber, which will not damage the floor. Also, it will not make any noise when you use it. Equipped with foam handles to minimize hand fatigue while maximizing grip comfort and controlling.
  • SINGLE GIANT WHEEL – Our ab wheel has only one single giant wheel. Extra large 2” width wheel enhances stability when you are rolling out. All fitness levels, from beginner to advanced, can work with this.
  • PORTABLE AND EASY ASSEMBLE – Ultra lightweight and assemble easily, allowing you to achieve your fitness goal wherever you are. No matter at home or gym, start your WODs at any time.

What does COREZONE AB Abdominal Exercise Roller Package Include?

1×Fitness Ab Exercise Wheel
2×Ergonomically Designed Metal Push Up Bar
1×Extra Soft Knee Pad

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 It’s Time to Get Your Super Hot & Sexy 6 Pack Abs.
Everyone wants a set of toned abs! Our ab wheel is the most useful tool to tone and strengthen your abs, shoulders, arms and lower back. No matter you’re a beginner or an expert, it will strengthen your abs and core faster than endless sit-ups and crunches.

This abs wheel will help you work your entire core, strengthening your stomach, back, and sides. The exercise is simple, but extremely effective, with a range of techniques to allow you to advance as the move gets easier. As with every exercise, the harder you work, the more calories you’ll burn and the better you’ll work your muscles.

It features one non-slip rubber wheel with a 2″ wide base which helps to keep you balanced and stable as you move so that you can get the most out of each core session. The high-quality construction is made up of the most durable plastic and steel so that you can work out safely. A superior load capacity means that the wheel can be used by people of all shapes and sizes without fear of the wheel buckling underneath you.

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2 reviews for COREZONE AB Wheel & Push Up Bar

  1. joshua

    I like how this comes apart so easily, and the directions say to moisten the handle foam pieces to make them slide on easier, which is a tip that no other ab wheel ever took the time to explain. The bag that it comes with is nice … And the double wheel design is my fave as far as stability … It’s the best out of all the ones I’ve ever tried so far.

  2. nishant rangra

    It was hard to put the bands on the handles but I will say the product is sturdy. Definitely not for beginners but good product

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COREZONE AB Wheel & Push Up Bar
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