COREZONE 7ft Olympic Barbell (1500lbs Rated)

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The COREZONE 7ft Olympic Barbell 20kg weight embodies performance-boosting qualities with high spec precision engineering, offering a lifespan's longevity - a perfect weight lifting equipment for professional athletes.


Durable Quality for Safety and Reliability

With the precision-led user-friendly design in every feature, this premium gym barbell comes armed for safe utilization.

  • Superior-Grade Steel Made of high tensile strength for heavy-duty high volume training
  • Hardened Chrome Shaft for durability and excellent smooth, well-rounded feel
  • A Peaked Diamond Knurl pattern on the inner bar provides an ideal gripping surface


Performance-Led Olympic Weightlifting

Our weightlifting bar is made for everyday use to perform Olympic lifts and general strength training professionally with fitted for 2" in diameter collar opening of cast iron, hammerstone, or rubber radial weight plates. With superior strength rated 700kg / 1500lbs, this weight lifting barbell has become the choice of athletes and coaches alike, providing the perfect blend of performance and versatility.


Precision Bearings for Smoother Rotation

This weights barbell comes with freely rotating plate sleeves with brass bushings to ensure smooth bar rotation and help prevent the risk of wrist injuries. Incorporating 2 bushings and 8 needle bearings provide durability and smooth surface contact with the shaft, which creates better spin than a standard bushing-only bar.