4 Inch Leather Weightlifting Belt

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Are you looking to progress your squats or deadlifts?

Then you need a weightlifting belt you can rely on!

Research has found that a good quality weightlifting belt ensures ideal biomechanics for the lifter while squatting and deadlifting. This is because a weightlifting belt will force you to lift more with your legs instead of your back.

Here we have a premium quality weightlifting belt by COREZONE. Your perfect training partner. This belt is crafted from original, top of the line cowhide leather, boasting a 4" breadth for more effective support. This weightlifting belt is the perfect accomplice to powerlifting, bodybuilding and CrossFit. It secures tightly around the midsection to give you that added security, support and core stability when you are performing the big lifts.


Also, the COREZONE weightlifting belt helps to substantially prevent back hyperextension during those heavy overhead lifts. This belt can also help beginning lifters learn to squeeze their ab muscles properly which is essential in completing safe and effective lifts.

The specially designed, wide lumbar area fully supports the base of your spine to give you that extra help and support when you need it most during a CrossFit workout or powerlifting move. Lower your chances of sustaining an lifting-sustained injury and make the most out of every single rep with the padded, COREZONE weightlifting belt.