Assisted Pull-Up Resistance Bands (3 Pack)

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Pull ups are without a doubt the best upper back exercise there is, working the shoulders, biceps, forearms, core muscles, as well as the traps and lats. However, pull ups are also the most challenging exercise to learn, and many people struggle to perform a single rep!

Luckily, there is a solution.

Assisted pull up resistance bands are a tried and tested method for learning how to pull up. You use the bands to off-set some of your bodyweight, meaning that you only have to lift a percentage. The bigger the resistance band, the less weight you have to lift.

The Assisted Pull Up Resistance Band set is a pack of three bands of differing resistance. The red band has a resistance of 15-35 lbs, the black band has a resistance of 25-65 lbs, and the purple band has a resistance of 35-85 lbs.

You can start off with the purple band, which will take the most weight off. Once you have mastered pull ups with it, you can progress to the black band, and then progress further to the red band. At this point, you may be able to progress to unassisted pull ups.

But these bands are not just useful for improving your pull ups, they can be used for a number of different exercises and are superb for warm ups.

Resistance bands are popular with many gym goers because they can:

  • Increase strength and power
  • Train the whole body
  • Help with injury rehab
  • Help with injury prehab (prevention)
  • Increase flexibility and mobility

Not only are they great for pull ups, but they can be used for CrossFit, powerlifting, home workouts, and flexibility training.