Light Assisted Pull-Up Resistance Bands (3 Pack)

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Made from a lightweight rubberised resistance band made from 100% latex, our COREZONE resistance bands will deliver everything you need when it comes to assisting or completing exercises. Our resistance bands are super tough and super versatile allowing you to push yourself that little bit harder. Tie it round a pull up bar and rest your feet or knees inside to get a helping hand as you lift yourself up to the bar.


The COREZONE bands are amazing for a number of different exercises such as boosting your bench, adding more depth to your squats, or increasing the difficulty of your home workout. The bands are so adaptable you can use them to perform lat raises, shoulders presses, bent over rows, chest presses, squats and many more. Even if you have no more exercise equipment than these bands you can complete a full body home without ease. Indulging in the different resistances you can progress your workouts as you want. 


Our COREZONE resistance bands can be added to pretty much any exercise. You can enjoy these exercise bands in a variety of resistance levels, ideal for use as lightweight glute band moves or adding extra load to your weighted movement such as leg pressing and squatting. They help to build strength, flexibility and progress your training as you strive for success.