Weightlifting Gym Straps with Wrist Support

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Want to progress your big lifts?

Is your gym accessory collection missing a pair of weight lifting straps?

This awesome pair of COREZONE weightlifting straps securely lock your wrists tightly to the bar in a comfortable, quick, and easy to use way. The wraps are a standard length while being thick and heavy duty, able to withstand the heaviest of lifts. When you are completing a gruelling back workout or are executing some heavy deadlifts, does your grip let you down? Use these COREZONE gym straps to allow you to totally exhaust the muscle group you are working, without losing grip of the bar! Our straps are extremely easy to use and can wrap around the hand which can loop around the bar in less than a minute, almost indestructible, and can withstand large amounts of wear and tear.

These traditional straps help to assist you with the exercises that involve working against gravity or a pulling motion. Their design helps to strengthen your grip on the bar allowing you to get those new personal bests on the big lifts! Robust and durable the straps are constructed from 100% high-quality cotton, reinforced seams and clean workmanship making the wrist straps extremely hard-wearing and absolutely tearproof. Give 'em your very best! Enjoy added protection thanks to the soft, durable and padded neoprene material to provide maximum protection.