Weightlifting Wrist Straps With Grip Support

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Non-slip, Wear-Resistant.

The COREZONE Ultimate Grip Weightlifting Straps can be used for both pulling and pushing exercises and act as a lifting strap, grip pad, and wrist support all in one! The COREZONE Ultimate Grip is quick and easy to use. The resilient buckle and hook and loop closure allow a secure fit. Secure your grip for extra reps and control. Its flexible material contours to the shape of your hand and provide a non-slip grip and wrist support to protect your hands from fatigue and calluses. Sold as a pair.


COREZONE weightlifting wrist straps fit around any barbell and provide you with a firmer grip that prevents injuries. Our lifting wrist straps are made with cowhide padding that gives you the security you need so you can lift heavier! These workout straps take the pressure off your palms so you can focus on your pull-ups and lift weights making it the best gym straps for deadlifts.