About us

Who Are We?

CoreZone Sports is a family-run fitness equipment company operating out of South Woodford in London’s East End. We all love fitness and following a fitness lifestyle and started CoreZone Sports because we felt that a lot of the fitness equipment out there wasn’t good enough.

Our Products

At CoreZone, we pride ourselves in the fact that we manufacture and test all of the products that we sell. Our line of products includes:


Our products are made from premium quality materials and are designed to last you years. Every item we sell has been professionally tested, and we ensure that any customer enquiry or issue is solved immediately.

We have been in constant contact with numerous gyms, CrossFit boxes and personal trainers across London and the UK, which has helped us with the design of our products and helped with professional feedback on all of our items.


Our Knowledge

Thanks to our industry contacts, and our own experience in gyms, we have built up a lot of knowledge about what makes good gym products. Our products are heavy duty, easy to clean, durable, and they are versatile.

All of our products are fairly priced and come with money back guarantees if you are not completely satisfied. All of us at CoreZone are gym-lovers, always looking for equipment that could give us that extra 1% advantage in the weights room.

Our Aim

The team’s goal is to help improve the fitness equipment market and set the standards for the rest of the industry. Our products are designed to dominate the competition, offering you high quality materials at very reasonable prices.

We want our competition to sit up and realise that good quality gym equipment can be fairly priced and to help our customers find the right products for their needs.

Our Team

CoreZone Sports is a family (literally), and our team are all dedicated to providing the best fitness equipment at incredible prices. We are involved in all aspects of the business, looking to make each sale as safe, secure, and speedy as possible, so that each customer walks away happy with their purchase.